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Online Learning

All Australian recognised qualifications available through Target Training can be delivered for electronic delivery though unique multimedia templates.

E-learning allows your company to reach every employee or staff member in their own time, at home or wherever a screen/computer is available.

There are no additional expenses for this style of delivery, units available and content in their existing form. This includes customisation of the units/course with your brand. If further customisation of units is required, there will be additional expenses and this can be confirmed depending on the course and units chosen, and the extent of the customisation.

Using our system is easy. Just enrol your staff and choose the units they’ll be completing online. Once enrolled, your students and trainers can start immediately. Anytime and anywhere. More formal synchronised sessions can be arranged as we go, according to the needs of your staff.

Here is a summary of benefits….

- Train anywhere, anytime
- Enrol one minute, start training the next
- Reach far-flung and remote staff
- Save on printing costs
- No setup costs
- We take care of all the administration
- 24 hours / 7 days per week access
- Comprehensive reporting and archiving of all results

Most importantly, as an employer, consider if your staff will be able to adapt to learning in this format, versus traditional face-to-face workshop sessions. Also consider if your staff have access to a computer in the workplace and home to complete the course.

There are benefits to all style of training delivery. The key to success is for both you and us to match the most appropriate style of delivery to your team members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 736 005 or if you would like more information.

For existing learners

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