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Non Accredited Workshops

We deliver two-hour workshop modules in any combination of your choice. The workshops may be held weekly, fortnightly or as required.

Simply choose the topic areas that you wish to focus the training on and create your own packages.

Our key topics are:
1. Customer service strategies and standard expectations
2. Selling in terms of benefits
3. Add-ons, up-sells and cross-sells
4. Steps to planning your business
5. Visual merchandising practices
6. Food Contamination, Hygiene, Handling
7. Marketing and advertising planning
8. Staff recruitment, training and retaining
9. Handling difficult and complaining customers
10. Developing Teams and Individuals
11. Getting the most out of others
12. Coaching/one-on-ones
13. Employee conflicts and grievances
14. Motivate, innovate or stagnate
15. Time management
16. Minimise theft in the workplace
17. Managing quality customer service
18. Managing effective workplace relationships
19. Implementing and monitoring continuous improvement systems
20. Facilitating and capitalising on change and innovation.

Fee Structure:
$1,800.00 2hr or 3hr workshop
$1,500.00 each for 3 in a series
$1,200.00 each for 6 or more
$4,000.00 full day sessions

* Note: This is a complete package of up to 20 learners, all resources and trainer.

Please add GST to these prices where relevant.
Travel outside of state metropolitan area may incur additional costs..

We can also customise the manuals to your workplace and brand them for your company:

Purchase intellectual property


Plus user license on a sliding scale as follows:



$38.50 each


$22.00 each


$16.50 each


$11.00 each

There is no charge for 500 plus users if Target Training is appointed to do the customisation at an agreed hourly rate.

Supply of learner guides only $38-50 per workbook

Please add GST to these prices.

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