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Traineeship Program

The government has made a strong commitment to employers in ensuring that Australia has an adequately skilled workforce that we can be proud of. They are investing in companies just like yours to help make your workplace a productive and sound business where the employees are valued.

You may be eligible to receive funding if you choose to be part of this Australian Traineeship Program. Contact us for more details on how your staff may qualify and benefit.

Fee Structure:
Induction fees vary per state.

ACT fees are $300 per student
NSW fees are $1000 per student
NT fees are $300 per student
SA fees are $300 per student
TAS fees are $300 per student
VIC fees are $415 (min) per student
WA fees are $1250 (min) per student
QLD fees are calculated at $1.60 per nominal hour of the units selected

Plus workshop/unit @ $1200

These prices do not include GST.